Maison La Roque Chambre d'Hôte

By Rail

Probably the easiest and most relaxing way to travel to La Roque is by train with connections joining London, Paris, Amsterdam, Lille, Cologne and other major European to the excellent French high speed TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) rail service run by SNCF. There are three train stations within an hour's drive from La Roque:

AvignonTGV on the Marseilles line about 45 minutes from La Roque. This large modern station is the closest and most convenient with a bar, cafe and newsagent;

Avignon Centre again about 45 minutes from La Roque, this is the old central station used for local slow trains, some TGV services and, for customs reasons, the direct London-Avignon service (also occasionally you may arrive by one Avignon station and leave by another so do check - its quite easy to go to 'Avignon TGV' for example, when you should departing from 'Avignon Centre'!)

Nîmes on the Perpignan and Montpellier line at about an hour from La Roque.

Travel by train from London to Avignon is especially simple during the summer, as from July to September Eurostar offer a direct service between London to Avignon Centre. At other times Eurostar runs fast direct services from London, Ebbsfleet and Ashford to Paris and Lille, which connect to the TGV services onward to AvignonTGV or Nîmes. Fast international services from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are run by Thalys mainly to Paris, again with TGV connections onwards to Avignon and Nîmes. If you travel via Paris you need to transfer from Gard de Nord to Gard de Lyon to connect to TGV services going south, (though this also means that you can spend some time in Paris); if you travel via Lille it's just a very simple platform change to connect to the TGV services. You can book tickets in person, online or by phone all the way to Avignon or Nîmes with Eurostar or Rail Europe. Its worth checking both, as strangely prices can vary quite significantly between the two companies on exactly the same trains, and sometimes Rail Europe will show more available trains. Occasionally its even a better deal to book the two parts of your journey separately, Eurostar say to Paris, and then a ticket via the French Voyages-SNCF website (the English version just takes you to Rail Europe), checking the 'Sélectionnez le pays de réception ou de retrait des billets' as 'France', and printing the tickets off yourself at home. If you are travelling from within France, see Voyages-SNCF again, keeping a look out for 'iTGV' and 'Prems' for some good deals. For travel from other European cities see Thalys, Rail Europe and Trentalia. Please check routes and timetables as details do change.